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Apartment Owners Program

C. J. Thomas Company, Inc. is involved in marketing and managing an alternative risk-funding program using a "captive" insurance company for rural apartment owners and managers. The program is fronted using the highest rated carrier in the industry that also handles policy issuance, claims, loss control and reinsurance.

The program insures approximately 70,000 apartment units in 35 states. The minimum threshold to be eligible for our program is 1,500 apartment units, although more are desirable.

For the past nearly three decades, our program has provided its participants with a stable and predictable insurance solution. The captive insurance company was formed in 1986, when most apartment operators were struggling to purchase coverage at acceptable premiums with reasonable terms. The program is a vital insurance risk handling mechanism, and has been amazingly stable during difficult market conditions which routinely occur for apartments.

We are looking for new participants for our program who have a track record of excellent loss experience, stability, quality management and a desire to enter our program for the long run. We are able to provide new customers with competitive pricing from a high-quality admitted carrier, broadened coverage, and a stable market for years to come, with the added benefit of participation in the program’s profits.

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